How to create a binary iOS framework in swift

Sometimes, you want to share your code with the world but don’t want them to access your code. Well, if you are thinking the same, this article is for you. We can create an iOS universal binary framework using swift and share framework file. This might be helpful if you are working somewhere where generating […]

How to create archive using terminal

Sometime you might like to create an archive without using Xcode interface with just one command using a terminal. Well, if you are searching something like this, you are at right place. Open Terminal and type xcodebuild -scheme “Scheme Name” archive Once the archive is ready for you, you can check generated archive as usual […]

How to save UIBezierPath in UserDefaults in swift.

If you want to save BezierPath in user defaults, here is the code you could find helpful. You might want to do this while creating drawing iOS application where you want to save bezier path for different layers or different images. Let me know if there is any confusion on this code. Thank you.