What happens when someone knows your apple id and password?

It is very important that you keep your apple id and password only with you otherwise here are the things that could happen to you. Lock your iPhone from anywhere. Change your iPhone passcode. Remove all datas from your iPhone. Access to all your emails. Send email to anyone from your apple id. Purchase apps, movies, series and […]

Now you can watch video offline in Netflix

Now Netflix user can download movies and shows on their device to watch them later. Currently, all movies and shows are not downloadable. However, with time Netflix will increase the number. Right now, the ability to download videos on Netflix is only available on iOS and Android devices. Hopefully, it gets better by time. Thank you. […]

Enable or Disable Flash Light in Silence Mode : New Feature in iOS 10

Now you can turn on LED Flash for alerts on Silent mode too. Here is how you can do it. Goto Settings >> General >> LED Flash for Alerts Now turn on LED Flash for Alerts. Make sure Flash on Silent is turned on if you want flash light in silence mode.           […]

Battery saving Facedown detection feature in iPhone.

You can save additional hour of your battery life if iPhone is facedown. However, you will need iOS 9 or higher to get this feature. This feature will turn off the screen when you get notifications, which in turn helps in improving battery life. This feature is only available  on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 […]

How to click home button without clicking home button? No jailbreak required!

Here is the trick. Goto Settings > General > Accessibility Under INTERACTION section, click AssistiveTouch Turn on AssistiveTouch if not. Click Customize Top Level Menu… Remove all icons as shown in image bellow Now click plus button which is at the center of the screen.  Select Home. Click Done. That’s all. Now click  (assistive touch button) and you will get home button feature. If you want […]

How to improve iPhone’s battery?

Here are the tips to make your iPhone’s battery life better. While charging your iPhone from computer, make sure your computer is turned on. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Charging your iPhone while your computer is turned off or is in sleep or is in standby mode will drain your battery. This applies to Apple Watch too. Calibrate battery once a […]

Hate ads in safari on the iPhone?

Here are the benefits blocking ads in safari. Loads content much faster. Uses less data. Improves battery life. How to block ads Download 1Blocker. It’s free. 👍 Goto Setting Tap Safari Under General section, tap Content Blockers. Turn on 1Blocker That’s all. Now you won’t see any ads in safari. Easy right?🤘🤘🤘 Enjoy using safari. Thanks

Don’t set iPhone’s date to January 1, 1970!

Once you set your iPhone’s date to Jan 1, 1970; it will stop working. Even restoring your iPhone using iTunes won’t fix this issue. So, I recommend you not to set date to jan 1, 1970. Someone might take your iPhone and can set back to 1970. So, be aware while giving your iPhone to other […]

Take a selfie with earphone.

Most of the people don’t know about this but lets super useful. 🤘 Here is how you can do it. 🤘 You might not know but your iPhone can take photos using volumn button. This is what we will do with earphones too. Firstly plugin your earphone. Now you can control your camera app to take photo from your […]

32 GB or 256 GB!! Which iPhone to choose??

Well, good news is there is no more 16 GB baseline model. However, is it best to buy 32 GB iphone because it’s cheap? Well, if you are buying iphone with less base model, you are going to compromise speed. Yes, that means, higher the space size, higher the speed to read and write. Approximately, […]