32 GB or 256 GB!! Which iPhone to choose??

Well, good news is there is no more 16 GB baseline model. However, is it best to buy 32 GB iphone because it’s cheap? Well, if you are buying iphone with less base model, you are going to compromise speed. Yes, that means, higher the space size, higher the speed to read and write. Approximately, […]

Announce caller name in iPhone without jailbreak

Go to Settings. Click Phone from the settings section. Now click Announce Calls which is under CALLS category. Based on your choice select Always, Headphones & Car, Headphones only or Never. That’s all. No Jailbreak needed. Enjoy 👍👍👍

Search feature in iOS 10 while using any application.

Scroll down from status bar just a little. Once the area is covered only with search bar(as shown in the picture), stop dragging and take your finger off the screen.   Now you should be able to search directly. Isn’t that great? Here is a video. Note: This type of search works only when any application in your […]