Copy & Paste from iPhone to Mac doesn’t work (Universal Clipboard)πŸ“‹

Apple’s default universal clipboard feature is awesome. It really makes our work better and faster increasing our day to day usage and productivity. It is used either to copy text, images or videos. However, sometimes this feature won’t work. I would like to categories this problem into 3 segments.Β  What might be the reason? Well, […]

Screenshot taking a very long time to appear on desktop in Mac?

Many people are facing a delay in saving screenshots, photos, videos or any other files on Mac desktop. If you are facing this problem, most probably, for example, the screenshots would take a good 10-15 seconds before appearing on the desktop. This is really annoying and you will feel as if you are waiting for 4-5 mins. […]

Hide show desktop icons instantly on Mac.

Here we go! The solution without any softwares to hide and show desktop application πŸ˜‰. Open Terminal or iTerm. Goto desktop. Here is the code : “cd ~/desktop“. Now copy and paste this line of code :  “defaults write CreateDesktop false; killall Finder“ Boom. All of your desktop icons are hidden now. To get back your desktop icons type […]