SMS pin code UIView for Storyboard on Xcode

SMS pin code UIView for Storyboard on Xcode

Are you looking for library which simply embeds UITextField from your own design done in storyboard? Well, then you are right place. Just download this repo and you will get an example of how to use it. It is very simple and clean to understand and you can even add more to it.

Getting Started

  • Create UIView in storyboard.
  • Assign SMPinView to it.
  • Now add textfields as much you want for your app and provide class name as SMPinTextField fom Identity Inspector
  • Order you textfields and assign tags from Attribute Inspector. Make sure you textfields are as in order with your tags.
  • Once you set you tags, now create an outlet of SMPinView to your controller. This will help to perform further actions.
  • To get the value typed within textfields, just call getPinViewText() method from the SMPinView instance variable.
  • That’s it. ?

Use this link to create issues:

Download the repo and try it. If there is any confusion you can directly ask here.

Thanks for reading.


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