Hey siri, send my current location to…

Hey siri, send my current location to…

How to send my current location using Siri?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can ask Siri to send your current location to someone else? Onviously, it would be great. You can try and see what Siri replies after asking that question. Yes, please do it right now! 

What? Did it worked? Nope!! It didn’t. It will just try to send a text “my current location”. Since there is no such command by default you can use to send current location to someone else using Siri, it is not possible to do that. But don’t worry, I do have one solution for this. This is the reason why made this blog.

Let me introduce an app which we are going to use in order to do what we are trying to achieve. It’s ?


It is an app which you won’t get by default. You can download this from app store. Open the app once you are down downloading it and do the foloowing steps

  1. Click Create Shortcut to create a command for siri.
  2. You will ask for a permission to use GPS while using the app. Give access and you are good to go.
  3. Click search, type Get Current Location and click on the result to add.
  4. Again search for Send Message and add the contact you want to send location info. Under description section, type predefine text message you want to send. Click on Maps URL variable button once you are done with default message, which you will find just above keyboard. That is a variable which is used later to send your location when we call Siri command.
  5. Click on Setting icon which you can find below Done button and right side of Share button. 
  6. We are almost done. Click on Siri Phrase. 
  7. Click on red button and speak what you want to say to call Siri command. For example “Send my current location to my brother” if I want to send current location to my brother. Or you can say “Send my current location to my best friend”. I think you get it.
  8. Click done.

Finally you did it. If you did exactly what I said it should look something like this as shown in image down below.

Thats all guys. Now ask siri for the command you just set. And voila there you go. Now you are able to send location to anyone you want. There are lots of actions you can use from this app. It is something like doing programming without programming skill.

Thanks for reading my blog. If there is anything confusing please let me know down in comment section. And if you want more similar to this kind of actions using shortcuts, let me know as well.


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