Why apple didn’t provided isTimeZoneAutomatic() method?

As a developer, you might sometime want to have a method which will let you know if the user has changed the system time or not. This method will be very easy for developers to check if the user is trying to mess up with time and try to do something. For example trying to […]

Remove audio track in QuickTime?

You can record iPhone screen using QuickTime Player. But sometimes you might forget to uncheck microphone and start recording iPhone. Later you recognized that you have recorded audio as well. Guys, it is impossible to remove audio once the video is recorded using QuickTime Player. But I do have one solution to this. You might […]

How to determine if iPhone is locked or not in Today Extension (Widget)?

Hello guys. Today I am going to tell you how to detect if the device is locked or not from today extension or some people call it widget. Apple has not provided direct solution to this but there is a way to find if the device is locked or not. After doing search for sometime, […]

Using Eddystone beacon in iOS swift. How is the experience?

This my experience regarding using Eddystone beacon. I purchased eddystone beacon from ebay and tried to integrate with my iOS application. I used this beacon to identify certain location. For example, I wanted to know if the user actually did visited certain location with the help of the mobile application. And to do so, I […]

UserDefaults not clearing datas immediately using suite name: App Group

I created this post when I got and issue on trying to clear UserDefault values. Here is my problem scenario. Trying to save if user is logged in or not in user defaults. I used a code to save user login status with following code UserDefaults(suiteName: “group.santosh.loginApp”)?.setValue(true, forKey: “group.santosh.logginStatus”) It successfully stored the value. Here […]

extensionContext is nil from a presented view controller

At time when you are wokring in today extension you will face this issue where self.extensionContext.open doesn’t work or let’s say self.extensionContext is nil from presented view controller. Initially I was testing if my code regarding opening app code was wrong. And then I tried to do it from initial view controller. It worked. And […]

SMS pin code UIView for Storyboard on Xcode

Are you looking for library which simply embeds UITextField from your own design done in storyboard? Well, then you are right place. Just download this repo and you will get an example of how to use it. It is very simple and clean to understand and you can even add more to it. Getting Started Create […]

How to create a binary iOS framework in swift

Sometimes, you want to share your code with the world but don’t want them to access your code. Well, if you are thinking the same, this article is for you. We can create an iOS universal binary framework using swift and share framework file. This might be helpful if you are working somewhere where generating […]

How to create archive using terminal

Sometime you might like to create an archive without using Xcode interface with just one command using a terminal. Well, if you are searching something like this, you are at right place. Open Terminal and type xcodebuild -scheme “Scheme Name” archive Once the archive is ready for you, you can check generated archive as usual […]

How to save UIBezierPath in UserDefaults in swift.

If you want to save BezierPath in user defaults, here is the code you could find helpful. You might want to do this while creating drawing iOS application where you want to save bezier path for different layers or different images. Let me know if there is any confusion on this code. Thank you.