How to click home button without clicking home button? No jailbreak required!

Here is the trick.

  1. Goto Settings > General > Accessibility
  2. Under INTERACTION section, click AssistiveTouch
  3. Turn on AssistiveTouch if not.
  4. Click Customize Top Level Menu…
  5. Remove all icons as shown in image bellow
  6. customize
  7. Now click plus button which is at the center of the screen. 
  8. select-home
  9. Select Home.
  10. Click Done.

That’s all. Now click unnamed (assistive touch button) and you will get home button feature. If you want to see application switcher, just double click unnamed. See interesting, right? You can select other option too. Like Siri. And you will get siri when you click unnamed.

Hope this will help you. 



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