What happens when someone knows your apple id and password?


It is very important that you keep your apple id and password only with you otherwise here are the things that could happen to you.

  • Lock your iPhone from anywhere.
  • Change your iPhone passcode.
  • Remove all datas from your iPhone.
  • Access to all your emails.
  • Send email to anyone from your apple id.
  • Purchase apps, movies, series and songs using apple credit.
  • Access all your notes.
  • Access iCloud drive.
  • Find where you are from find iPhone feature.

To get extra security, you can turn on two factor authentication by going to this link https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage. This feature will send you security code to your devices whenever  try to login from unknown place or browser.

So, don’t ever give your apple id and password to anyone.

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