Screenshot taking a very long time to appear on desktop in Mac?

Many people are facing a delay in saving screenshots, photos, videos or any other files on Mac desktop. If you are facing this problem, most probably, for example, the screenshots would take a good 10-15 seconds before appearing on the desktop. This is really annoying and you will feel as if you are waiting for 4-5 mins. Some people say this is because of iCloud desktops in Sierra. It could be the reason but if this doesn’t work for you and you are still searching for the solution then this is a right place for you.

The main cause of the problem is because of the application you have installed on your Mac called Backup and Sync from Google. Once you close the application, your Mac will save files on your desktop like before. But what about the backup application. Well, you can open Google Backup application as needed and close the application again. I think this won’t be a problem at all.

There you go. This is the best solution I have got. Hope this will help you out.

Let me know if this worked for you. Thanks for reading.


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