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How to find iPhone using Siri

How to find iPhone using Siri

Doing most of the work Siri is quite impression. And introducing Siri Shortcuts app has done lot more to customize Siri command ourself. However, today I am going to tell you how you can use Siri to find your lost iPhone and to play ping sound. This could be done using Apple’s default Find iPhone app. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Open Find iPhone app
  • Wait while the app loads
  • Click on the device you want to find
  • Click on the icon to see play sound, lost mode and erase iphone options
  • And click Play Sound or Lost Mode button.

? Who wants to do that. Well, using Siri Command (“Where is my iPhone”), you will be able to play a sound alert on the lost iPhone to help you locate it and track it down. This is quite perfect for the case when your iPhone is misplaced. Here is a demo.

Siri: Where is my iPhone

Find a Lost iPhone using Siri

  • Just call Siri and say “Find my iPhone”
  • You will see multiple models if you have connected multiple devices to your iCloud.

Try this now in your iPhone.

Wait, are you getting the same error as shown in the image below?

Don’t worry. This is because you are trying to find iPhone from your own iPhone which is not lost at the moment ?. You can try following things

  • Find my iPad
  • Find my Apple Watch
  • Find my Mac

Here is the example finding mac using Siri.

Siri: Find my Mac

Once you click Confirm you will hear a sound in your Mac and will be able to locate the misplaced Mac. Misplaced Mac???? haha. Anyway, you found it. Right?

Think about find your iPhone or Mac from Apple watch Siri command. Wow, the experience is going to be awesome. Apple watch users, enjoy!!! ? 

Find devices if you don’t have Apple devices?

If you don’t have any Apple devices to use Find iPhone app. No problem. You can use website if you don’t have any device. And I hope you are familiar with If not, let me know I will help you out. But I guess, it’s pretty simple. 

Was this helpful guys? And how was your experiences using new Siri command in the comments below!

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