Copy & Paste from iPhone to Mac doesn’t work (Universal Clipboard)?

Copy & Paste from iPhone to Mac doesn’t work (Universal Clipboard)?

Apple’s default universal clipboard feature is awesome. It really makes our work better and faster increasing our day to day usage and productivity. It is used either to copy text, images or videos. However, sometimes this feature won’t work. I would like to categories this problem into 3 segments. 

  • I can copy from iPhone to Mac but cannot from Mac to iPhone.
  • I can copy from Mac to Iphone but cannot from iPhone to Mac.
  • I simply cannot copy and share content between these devices.

What might be the reason? Well, if that is the case this blog is for you ?. Please following steps and hopefully you will be able to copy and use awesome feature provided by Apple (?).

  1. Make sure you are sign-in on both devices(Mac and iPhone/iPad) with same iCloud account(Apple ID).
  2. Next you will need to make sure that you have turned on bluetooth on both devices.
  3. Don’t forget to turn on Wi-Fi while you are trying to do a setup for the first time. But it is not compulsory to connect within same Wi-Fi network. You can use this feature connecting Mac in Wi-Fi and iPhone in 4G. No problem at all.
  4. Make sure both devices are nearby while you are setting up for the first time.

That’s all. But if above steps didn’t work for you, here are some additional tips you are follow to make it work.

  • Sign out from both devices first.
  • Try to pair iPhone with Mac. You can do this step anyway you want. This step is just to make sure your device can connect to Mac. If you are confused regarding this step, good news, you can skip ? 
  • Turn off bluetooth on both devices. And turn them on, on both devices.
  • Finally, restart both devices. This is important step. Please don’t forget to restart the devices. This is indeed the best solution I have found when copy paste feature doesn’t work.

Once you are done with above steps, it must work. If above steps also didn’t work for you, may be you are using lower OS version. If that is the case, please do update respective OS to latest one.

If all above tips didn’t work for you, please do comment with your problem and let me know. I will be happy to help you.


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